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Here is a brief synopsis of my professional career and where it is heading.

It all started when I was a little boy…okay, I’ll spare you some of the gritty details. I’ve always loved photography, videography, public speaking and theatre. Once I made it to High School, I began studying photography. As it turned out, Cypress Creek High School also had a pilot student run news program called C-News where I was one of the anchors. After high school I went to several schools including Brooks Institute of Santa Barbara, California and Rochester Institute of Technology in New York to study photography. I learned the fundamentals of photography from the best schools and instructors in the world.

I finally took life seriously at Texas State University in San Marcos, TX where I graduated with a Bachelor of Arts in Advertising and a Minor in photography. While at Texas State I worked as a Disc Jockey for K.O.N.O a “Good Time Oldies” radio station.

After college I started several businesses in the 90’s including a photography business and an English as a Second Language business targeting restaurants. I barely scrapped by and ran up considerable debts on product production and promotion You can see several of these products at Well, I could see I wasn’t getting rich quick and my bills where consistently out-weighing my income, so I decided to get a J-O-B. My new philosophy was to find something I enjoyed and not worry (so much) about the pay. I found a job on posted by Sky-Helicopters for a helicopter videographer for a new 24-hour news station called NEWS 24 HOUSTON. Although there were lots of applicants I got the job. I loved flying around Houston covering news stories for two different news channels and I was also used on CNN for several stories including the Space Shuttle Colombia disaster over Texas. The other great thing about the job was I had lots of time to consider what would be my next step in the production business.

Returning to I soon found a job with one of the nations top production companies in Boca Raton, Florida: Multi Image Group. I landed a job in the video department of Multi Image Group. After spending two years learning and working on event production and photography, I decided to go back on my own as a freelance independent production technician under the business name Stage Eleven.

As part of my continued training I recently graduated from the Palm Beach Film School. At the PBFS I learned to write, shoot, direct and edit my own short film, “la CAJA” a 22-minute comedy. The great thing about the film school is that I got to work with other talented like-minded individuals on 9+ other short films in different capacities, including: Assistant Director, Director of Photography, Audio Engineer and Lighting Designer. I still continue to stay active with the school.

I primarily consider myself to be a “Video, Photo, Camera Guy” running cameras, both studio and handheld, for corporate events and private events such as weddings and parties. I also enjoy engineering small to medium sized corporate events. From time to time I also produce or technical direct a show and I am always looking for my next client. I own a small critical amount of my own equipment; primarily photo and video cameras, flashes and lights and backdrops; however, I also own a couple of nice projectors. You might be curious how I can produce a cost effective show with so little equipment. The big secret is: every production company rents equipment for shows. There are production companies across the USA who specialize in renting top quality equipment to…well…production companies. I currently work for many of the top production companies in Florida and across the nation as a freelance Photographer / Videographer / Audio / Video technician, including: Multi Image Group, Southern Audio Video, AV1, All Communications, ME Productions and Strong Communications.

The nice thing about working, aside from paying the rent, is meeting so many other industry professionals. I work with a vast NETWORK of audiovisual professionals. When you need talent I know just who to call for your next show; whether for general labor or technical skill, I have a rolodex of professionals who I guarantee will get the job done to your specifications and standards.

So, what are my goals from here you ask? Good question. I aim to maintain my current clientele of production companies. My intention is to also continue to develop Advertising/TV/Film and Commercial production. I am still active with the Palm Beach Film School and my next comedy, “the Janitor” is currently in production. Thanks for stopping by my site, please feel free to contact me for your next production whether corporate or private.

Please look around, there are a few photos and videos I’m sure you will find entertaining.


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