Ring Central Reviews

Here is my current bad experience with Ring Central. After doing a lot of research on which company to buy an 800 number from, I stumbled upon Ring Central. I searched through several of thier ‘vanity’ numbers and finally found one that I thought was suitable, 877-877-7730. I ordered it and wated the  10 days to get the number from the National Registry. After several phone calls they explained that I did get the number. I told them that I was ordering a lot of marketing material with the number on the folders etc. They said that was fine, because the number was mine and would be activated. I ordered the folders and business cards. A week later the number was still not active. I called several times, waited on hold for ever, when the call was picked up, one lady said she fixed the problem with the account and then went to test it and disconnected. Another time they went to test the new number and I was left on hold for 30 minutes. Yet another time I called waited for ever when a technician came on the line, the technician asked me if there was another number I could call my number from in which to test the line. I said, “What, you guys don’t have anyother lines there to test your system?” Anyway, this went on and on for literally 6 weeks, I finally sat on hold this past weekend 12/14/09 and they confirmed at last that they do not have my number and it never got transferred. I told Erwin that I was guranteed that number, and he responded in louder voice, “By who?”

To make a long story short, there is nothing they can do about it. They did offer me 6 months of free service, I told them that I had spent $800 on my marketing materials, however, I would settle for a year of free service. Then they said they would only give me 3 months of free service. My advice is to not use Ring Central, although, it seems they have a good package put together, thier technical support is HORRIBLE, they never answer their phone and it is a testament to thier dodgy work.

I advise you to go with another company.


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